Balance Risks and Costs

Balance Performance, Risk, and Cost at your Water Utility

Extend asset life and maintain service-level delivery

MentorAPM guides you to the best asset strategies to balance performance, risk, and cost constraints. The software also helps extend the life of your assets and maintain service-level delivery. Embedded best practices and asset management intelligence in the software suite will help you optimize your operation for a sustainable future.

You are expected to successfully manage your assets to safely, and consistently and sustainably deliver services to your community.

In a perfect world, you would have all the resources you need to keep your equipment and infrastructure running. But you don’t. You’re facing a backlog of deferred maintenance and your assets are aging and failing.

Every decision is a trade-off – MentorAPM makes sure you are targeting your limited resources to the most critical assets to sustain your mission.

What Good Asset Management Looks Like:
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Asset Performance Management (APM) is about finding the optimal balance between asset performance, managing risk and driving efficiency.

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Core Benefits

  • Prevent failures
  • Avoid unscheduled maintenance / shutdowns
  • Reduce cost
  • Extend asset life and improve asset utilization
  • Total cost of ownership lifecycle management

Related Features

  • Asset Health and Condition Management
  • Integration of condition scores with workflows
  • PM optimization
  • Built-in libraries: Failure Modes, Condition, PM
  • GIS integration
  • MRO inventory
  • Asset Risk & Criticality
  • Dynamic Risk Profiles