Align Your Organization

Manage People and Work

When everyone is on board and pulling in the same direction, everything works better.

MentorAPM helps you establish line of sight from the top of the agency to your field crews. It’s the one and only tool you’ll need to manage your utility’s assets, build consensus among your people, and easily manage workflows.

How to define your Level of Service (LOS)
for better alignment across your organization

Align your water utility teams to your mission

The human element can be the trickiest part to manage, but alignment is a key pillar of effective asset management. A coordinated team should be headed in the same direction to accomplish a common goal.

It takes lots of people and departments to run a utility. This means different people are making different decisions for different reasons about the same assets.

MentorAPM provides a single source of truth that helps your teams work together toward common priorities to serve your mission.

Core Benefits

  • Single source of truth
  • Get everyone working together efficiently
  • Alignment (break down silos)
  • Consensus on priorities
  • Maintain and exceed Level of Service (LOS)

Related Features

  • Executive Dashboards
  • Asset Criticality Ratings
  • Interactive Hierarchies
  • Visual Workflows
  • Integrated GIS Mapping
  • Work Queues for Supervisors and Crew
  • Crew Work Schedules
  • Dynamic Crew Management
  • Mobile Solutions

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