Manage Critical Infrastructure

Benefits for Water Utility and Plant Managers

Water Utility Management Software for your Municipality

Water and wastewater utilities are looking for a new software solution that reflects the future of asset management for critical infrastructure. Many utilities are frustrated with their current CMMS/EAM systems because:

80% can’t get their work orders on a mobile device
70% don’t have accurate and up-to-date asset criticality rankings
60% don’t have an actionable asset registry
Software contracts, licensing, and negotiations are confusing and exhausting
The software investment is not affordable because of user/seating limits
Mandatory upgrades, add-ons, and plugins are becoming costly

Managing critical infrastructure: A job for heroes

MentorAPM is a significant upgrade to the typical challenges faced by utility managers and city engineering directors. We offer highly flexible and configurable asset management tools to make your life easier.

We understand the unique challenges of water and wastewater agencies. You need to manage both your plant and network assets to safely deliver essential services we all count on. You’re facing a backlog of deferred investment and maintenance on aging infrastructure, and there is never enough money or resources to do everything that needs to be done.

What Good Asset Management Looks Like:
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The MentorAPM software suite will help you:

Align your organization

Get everyone on board and pulling in the same direction. MentorAPM provides a single source of truth for asset information, breaks down silos, and builds consensus on priorities.

Understand your utility

You need to know what’s really happening in your utility, so you can make better decisions for better outcomes. MentorAPM helps you identify risk, know the condition of your assets, and collect critical data points.

Balance risk and cost

Every decision is a trade-off. APM is about pursuing the optimal balance between ensuring asset performance, managing risk, and driving efficiency. We will help your utility build a sustainable future.