About Us

Meet the MentorAPM Team

Water Utility Management and CMMS/EAM experts

In 2017, we established MentorAPM to build the enterprise Asset Performance & Work Management software that water and wastewater utilities really need.

We had both been working in and with utilities for decades — Tacoma in water/wastewater utility management and operations, and John in enterprise asset management systems architecture and implementation.

Why We Built MentorAPM

We have both experienced firsthand the frustrations of wasting too much money and time on EAM/CMMS solutions that don’t really deliver — and we knew we could build something better. So we brought together our existing software applications and companies and created the complete MentorAPM suite.

  1. We believe utility managers deserve the best tools to help them manage their critical infrastructure assets, in the best way possible.
  2. We believe these tools should be easy to use and easy to manage.
  3. We believe you shouldn’t have to buy a lot of extra bolt-on solutions to get what you were hoping for in the first place.
  4. And, we believe that these tools don’t need to be crazy expensive or require burdensome contracts.

We support our software with asset management coaching and thoughtful, rapid implementation plans to ensure your success.

We understand what you face every day – we’ve lived it ourselves. And we’re ready to help you manage safe and sustainable utilities to deliver the essential services that we all need, today and in the future.

The Executive Team

Tacoma Zach, MentorAPM co-founder

Tacoma Zach

Co-founder & CEO

Got a question about utility operations or asset management? Concerned about managing risk in your organization? Tacoma’s got your back.

Prior to MentorAPM, Tacoma spent more than 25 years working in water utility management, most recently as an executive with Veolia Water. In 2013, Tacoma took over Uberlytics, a firm specializing in asset management and risk and criticality analysis for industry and infrastructure.

Tacoma is a determined advocate for uncovering risk and “doing the right things, to the right assets, in the right order, to get the right results” — so you can sleep at night.

John Clow, MentorAPM co-founder

John Clow

Co-founder & COO

A former Oracle Utilities practice lead and EAM consultant, John brings extensive knowledge of CMMS/EAM and ERP system design, configuration and implementation for work and asset management systems.

In 2010, John co-founded Process Solutions Assurance to provide expert consulting and technology solutions to the water/gas/electric utility market.

Having overseen enterprise software implementations for more than 20 years, John knows how to design and deliver a better experience for MentorAPM clients, getting you up and running faster towards success.